Resources for Researchers

Science Identity

  • Below are several articles related to science identity of students with disabilities:

  1. "Science is not my thing": exploring deaf non-science majors' science identities (Gormally & Marchut, 2017)

  2. Teaching science and mathematics to students with visual impairments: reflections of a visually impaired technician (Maguvhe, 2015)

  3. “You don't have to be sighted to be a scientist, do you?” Issues and outcomes in science education (Erwin et al., 2001)

  • Uncovering issues in science education for students with visual impairments through the examination of science identity at a specialized residential school for the blind (2020): Dr. Ying-Ting Chiu's dissertation This dissertation includes a list of important references related to science identity and STEM education for students with disabilities, particularly visually impairments.

  • If you are interested in studying science identity, you can begin with the following must-reads:

  1. Science identity as a landscape of becoming: rethinking recognition and emotions through an intersectionality lens (Avraamidou, 2019)

  2. Science aspirations, capital, and family habitus: how families shape children’s identification and engagement with science (Archer et al., 2012) Dr. Louise Archer's articles are all must-reads!

  3. Smartness as a cultural practice in schools (Hatt, 2012)