Resources for Researchers

STEM & Disability

  1. Science and Disability: Part 1 - Is seeing believing?

  2. Science and Disability: Part 2 - What is intelligence?

  • Journal of Science Education for Students with Disabilities (JSESD): An open-access journal that focuses on STEM education for disabled students. A good place to find peer-reviewed articles and many references in the field!

  • Inclusive Science Instruction and The Ontogeny of Inclusive Science (both edited by Dr. Gregory Stefanich) are two must-read books to learn about science and disability. They are downloadable on Dr. Stefanich's webpage that details his work and includes many resources related to science and disability.

  • STEM Education: An issue in the TEACHING Exceptional Children (TEC) published in 2013 with a focus on STEM education. The TEC provides information on research-based practices and materials for classroom use as well as discusses current issues related to teaching and learning. You can find more STEM-related articles by using keywords, such as STEM, math, and science, to search the journal.

  • Mathematizing4all: Dr. Rachel Lambert's collection of resources that focus on mathematics and disability. To learn more about mathematics for equity and social justice, her articles are must-reads!

  • Creating a Culture of Accessibility in the Science (written by Dr. Mahadeo Sukhai and Chelsea Mohler): A book that focuses on accessibility in the sciences from the student's perspective. A must-read in the field!

  • Towards Inclusion of All Learners through Science Teacher Education (edited by Drs. Michele Koomen, Sami Kahn, Christopher Atchison, and Tiffany Wild): A book that focuses on inclusion and science teacher education. Another must-read in the field!

  • Three review articles listed below are worth reading to learn more about issues and progress in the field:

  1. Survey on teaching science to K-12 students with disabilities: teacher preparedness and attitudes (Kahn & Lewis, 2014)

  2. Science education for students with special needs (Villanueva et al., 2012)

  3. Science education for students with disabilities: a review of recent research (Thomas et al., 1998)