The International Network of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) for BLV (the blind and low-vision) was founded by Dr. Ying-Ting Chiu with Dr. M. Şahin Bülbül (co-founder) on November 19, 2021, to connect people in different countries to facilitate the growth of STEM for BLV at the international level. The network has become an official nonprofit organization based in Ohio, the United States, since October 21, 2022.

Our Vision

To create a world where the blind and low-vision have full access to STEM education and careers.

Our Mission

To connect people worldwide who are interested or specialized in STEM for BLV to facilitate the growth of the field as a united community at the international level.

Our Values (E.O.A.D.)

  • Equity: Everyone is born equal, and they deserve the same rights.

  • Our Team: A team that is passionate, dedicated, and determined.

  • Accessibility: Individual needs are human needs that should be prioritized without any justification.

  • Direct & Sustainable Impact: We listen, do what is needed, and think long-term.

Our logo: Four pieces of puzzles in the colors of white, red, yellow, or blue connect to one another and form a round shape.

Our Logo

Creator: I-Shan Tsai