The Envision-Yourself-in-STEM sticker.

Awareness Sticker

A 3”x3” (7.62 cm x 7.62 cm) circular sticker that contains a text stating “ENVISION YOURSELF IN STEM” encircling a pair of round glasses with a black background and a white frame.

The left lens is made up of 4 puzzle pieces each containing a letter that spells STEM: S in the red upper left, T in the orange upper right, E in the green lower left, and M in the blue lower right. Each puzzle piece in the left lens contains two drawings of STEM-related items: an atom and a beaker, a processing chip and a lab coat, metal gears and a ruler, and generic math symbols.

The right lens is made of 4 puzzle pieces in white, blue, red, or yellow. Each puzzle contains a letter S, T, E, or M in braille that spells STEM.

Two small texts, Alejandro B (the designer’s signature) and Intl STEM BLV are under the left and the right lenses respectively.

Note: This item is still available via our store on Zeffy.

The inaugural Connect-to-Purpose shirt.

Inaugural Shirt

A white T-shirt with a graphic on the chest.

The graphic: The Network's logo (circular, shaped by 4 pieces of puzzles) represents an open eye. The eyelashes are gear-shaped, which represents the accuracy and precision of STEM. With one eye open and the other eye closed, connecting to each other, two gears begin to operate for the same purpose and work toward the same goal.

The meaning: No matter whether you see the world with or without eyes, together, we can achieve something greater and make a difference in the world. Join the Network and be part of this greatness. Let's connect to purpose!

Note: This item is not available anymore.